Operation Dawn is a play-to-earn, space-themed MMO game, designed and developed by The SolaVerse. It is currently in its first alpha release, where our SOLA-STAR and Companion NFT holders can play and earn $SOLA.

The game is in active development, and features are constantly being added. If you have any features in mind that you think we should add, please join our Discord and let us know!

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We've developed this game from the ground up as a free-to-play, play-to-earn experience where everyone from casual players to hard core grinders can log in, perform activities, tasks, and missions to earn in-game resources, expand their bases and upgrade their ships to compete in PVE and PVP battles.

Building bases, competing in battles and competitions, and simply spending time playing the game will earn the player real-life rewards in the form of an ERC20 token, $SOLA

Completed Features

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    The Story

    Operation Dawn takes place hundreds of years in the future and is set at the end of the upcoming book The SolaVerse: Origins. Humanity is in an endless battle with the mysterious and technologically advanced "Searchers".

    Build your base, gather materials, level up your squads of ships, and take the fight to the enemy!

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    The Base

    The player's base is located in a secure, protective dome in a desert on a barren, dusty planet in the vicinity of one of the 2,000 SOLA-STARS.

    Build your buildings, harvest your resources, and complete missions and challenges to upgrade your spaceships to fight!

    Build your Base
    The 2D isometric buildings are designed and created in-house based on their functionality and use in the story and game - all structures play a part in growing your base and upgrading your skills and abilities to allow you to grow and fight the enemy.
    Harvest resources in your base and complete passive missions to gather even more. You can get all the resources from competing in battles and destroying your opponents. The common resources are available from all tasks and are steel, titanium, and uranium. The rare resources are just available from missions and battles, and they are ship scraps, engine parts, and blueprint fragments. All resources have a purpose in the game, and none should be overlooked!
    Passive Missions
    Upgrade your base and build the Launchpad so you can send resource gathering rockets off to distant planets (and asteroid belts if there are any nearby) on time-based missions to collect your rewards.
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    Spaceships & Battles

    We've designed and built a collection of finely detailed friendly and enemy ships you can create your squads with and fight.

    Complete missions and challenges to earn rewards and use them to unlock and upgrade your spaceships to improve your fighting skills!

    Build your Fleet
    Unlock Ships
    As you progress through the game, you'll gradually unlock all the spaceships the Combined Fleets have to offer. It's over to you to figure out how to combine them effectively in squads to defeat the enemy.
    Skills & Upgrades
    Every spaceship has a unique set of skills you can upgrade by spending the resources you gained in battles. Resources are rare though, so spend them wisely!
    Choose Your Enemy
    Fight against enemies of higher or lower levels than you - the level and number of rewards earned scale accordingly.
    The turn-based battle system pits your 3 chosen spaceships against a random selection of enemy ships. Use your attack and defence skills wisely as you try to defeat your foe and earn in-game resources as well as an ERC20 utility token called "SOLA" as a reward.
    Battle Mechanics
    The enemy spaceships have similar skills to yours, and they are activated based on algorithm in the game engine. Do you run with lots of healing and armour skills, or do you go all-out attack and try to nuke the enemy armour before their wear yours down? That's all up to you - play the game however you feel!
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    Mini Marketplace

    Spaceship Skin Marketplace
    All spaceships have a number of different cosmetic skins available that you can purchase through our Marketplace - these skins are currently off-chain, but will be redeemable for ERC721 NFT tokens in future. You'll be able to buy and sell them on our marketplace as well as OpenSea and other platforms too.
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    The SolaVerse Framework

    API Integration with The SolaVerse
    Operation Dawn is an official game from The SolaVerse, but it has been developed using the same APIs and access to The SolaVerse's core architecture that any other 3rd party game developer would have access to. As such, it can be seen as a proof-of-concept of how games can operate and integrate on top of The SolaVerse framework.
    SOLA Rewards
    One of those APIs lets the game developer reward its players with our ERC20 token, $SOLA. You can use the SOLA however you want in your game, distribute rewards to the players, allow them to spend it in your game or on your own marketplace.
    Companions Play on Stars and Earn them Rewards
    Anyone that owns a Companion can choose which SOLA-STAR they want to play for. That means the player's base will be situated on a planet orbiting that SOLA-STAR. Every action the player does will earn the owner of the SOLA-STAR an extra reward - from winning battles to selling NFTs, the SOLA-STAR holder gets a cut of everything that goes on in their system!
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    Alpha Launch

    The alpha launch of the game was primarily designed to test and tweak the P2E mechanics of the platform. We needed to be sure the economy worked with a large number of players.

    Rather than flood it all at once, we planned a phased release for the game so we could grow the player base in a controlled manner.

    The SolaVerse // Operation Dawn
    Private Launch for Star Holders
    The first release of the game was to a closed audience of just our SOLA-STAR NFT holders. The rewards were cranked up and the players were let loose to find bugs and suggest improvements. We had a weekly release schedule for bugs and hot-fixes to get everything patched as soon as possible.
    2nd Private Launch for Stars + Companions
    After 1 month, we opened up the alpha into its second phase by inviting in all the community members holding our Companion NFTs in their wallets. This increased audience allowed us to squash more bugs and test the servers under a heavier load.
    Every action in the game is tracked in detail so we can monitor performance and player activity in the game.
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    The Waitlist

    150k Players on the Waitlist Ready to Play
    Before we even started the first phase of the alpha, we created a signup process called The Waitlist where people could register to get early access to the game before it goes public.
    We currently have 150,000 people on the waitlist, ready to start playing!
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In Development

  • Coming Soon


    The settlers of the Nebulas quickly discovered that their regions of space held new discoveries that didn't occur on Earth - mysterious glowing crystals that held vast energetic potential!

    The newly discovered, advanced fuel source in The SolaVerse: Sejonite. Harvest it and explore its wonderful properties and powers.

    Sejonite Crystals
  • Coming Soon

    The Base

    Biome themes for bases to reflect the star/planet, as well as purchasable custom ones.
    After the alpha, we'll be adding some awesome new visuals to the buildings as you upgrade them so you can see your progress as more than just numbers.
    More story and lore and new functionality for new buildings added to the construction tree.
    New common and rare resources to be harvested and used in new ways.
  • Coming Soon

    Missions & Challenges

    Passive Missions
    More challenging missions that come with a potential cost...
    Complete daily/weekly activities and challenges to earn big rewards.
  • Coming Soon

    Spaceships & Battles

    Battle Environments
    New environments for the ships to fight in; random ones as well as SOLA-STAR themed.
    New Spaceship Models
    We're constantly adding to the collection of both friendly and enemy ship models you can fight with and against.
    New Spaceship Models
  • Coming Soon


    Bored of grinding against AI? We're working on PVP combat so you can pit your wits against your friends and make some new enemies! Don't worry though, the PVE isn't going anywhere!
    The Arena
    We'll be running weekly/monthly PVP competitions in The Arena where you can battle to win huge rewards.
    Reserve Ships in Battles
    Take 2 extra ships into battle with your squad and tactically substitute them in to help you defeat the enemy.
    New Spaceship Skills
    All spaceships currently have 3 unique skills that you can upgrade, we'll be adding a could more to each, as well as some new global skills that can apply to all.
    Upgraded Fight Mechanics
    The combat engine is a work-in-progress - we're tweaking and adding new features to it that will make better use of things like the agility and health stats to affect and determine the battle outcomes.
  • Coming Soon

    The Marketplace

    Collect and Sell NFTs
    Spaceship skins, in-game resources and consumables will all be sold as NFTs that you can collect and either re-sell or use in the game.
    Spaceship Skins
    New official skins are added monthly. Soon you'll be able to exchange the skins currently purchased with SOLA into actual ERC721 NFT tokens that you can either keep or sell on marketplaces.
    Community Designed Spaceship Skins
    Community competitions to design and create custom skins for the spaceships. Winners will have their designs integrated into the game and will receive royalties from Marketplace sales.
  • Coming Soon


    UI / UX Improvements
    We're constantly making tweaks to the interface and user experience to optimise it and make for easier gameplay.
    Increased Level Cap
    With each majour version update, we'll increase the player level cap so people can continue their grind.
    In-Game Profiles
    We'll make use of usernames and profile pictures - just Companions to start with, but eventually any NFT you own can be used as your PFP.
    Live Chat
    You can't have PVP without being able to gloat after your victories now, could you?!
    Group up with your friends and form alliances to work together and compete to defeat your enemies.
  • Coming Soon

    Competitive Play

    Battlepasses and Seasons
    Time-limited events and competitions that you can take part in by minting battle passes.
    Esports Competitions
    Long-term goal to host ultra-competitive events with enormous prizes.
  • Coming Soon

    Full Launch

    Beta release
    After the alpha phases are complete and a lot of the features above have been implemented, we'll launch the game into public beta.
    Public release
    Once the game has been thoroughly beta tested we'll release the final version of the game to the open public. Everyone will be able to play for free and earn themselves and the Stars they're playing on plenty of rewards.
  • Coming Soon

    Mobile Release

    iOS & Android
    Once the game is live, we'll finalise the mobile version of the game and launch it in the App stores to open the audience up to the entire world.

Join the waitlist to get early access to the game, as well as SOLA token rewards!

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